The CSU-EID WiFi network is for use by CSU residents, faculty, and staff members only. Guests should use the CSU-Guest network.

All Mobile devices, smart phones, and desktop and laptop computers with WiFi capability should connect to this network.

Connection Instructions:

To connect to CSU-EID, open your wireless settings on your device.

Select CSU-EID, enter your ename and password and click Connect.  

  • Most modern operating systems will detect the correct settings and just require your eID and eID password to connect. You may need to accept the security certificate for “” to complete the connection.

If your device asks for additional information, please check the list below for the data to enter: 

    • Domain:
    • Network Security: WPA2 Enterprise
    • Encryption Type: AES (also may be listed as CCMP)
    • EAP: PEAP or PEAP with mschapv2
    • Anonymous Identity: Leave blank 
    • Trusted Root Certification Authority: AddTrust Ext. CA Root
    •  Accept security certificate for

For specific device connection instructions and basic troubleshooting, please visit these pages: