*University Village 1700 is currently the only part of University Housing that allows residents to connect with their own wireless router or an Apple router provided by us. This includes buildings 51-58. Please follow this link for more details as to why this is. 

How do I know if I have an Apple router in my apartment? 

Our apple routers are typically plugged into the wall jack in the kitchen or in the upstairs hallway under the desk and look like the picture below. Since we do allow residents to use their own routers in this complex, this router may have been placed in a drawer or cabinet before you move in. 

Apple routers used in University Village

There is not an Apple router in my apartment, how do I request one?

Please follow this link to submit a work order to request an Apple router.

Will you help me setup or troubleshoot my own router?

At this time, we do not provide support for personal routers due to the many variations and unreliability of their connection to our network. If you have trouble setting up your own router, please contact the manufacturer's support page or submit a request for an Apple router.