What is the difference between an Incident Ticket and a Service Item Request?

  • A Service Item Request is a recurring request that requires repeatable tasks from our technicians. Account creations, audio visual support requests, checkout laptops, etc are all examples of service requests. Service items in Freshservice allow us to create custom forms that include the information we need for common requests.
  • An Incident Ticket is for when something is broken, not working, or you need assistance from a help desk technician. Incidents are generally not recurring requests. A good example of an incident is a computer not booting or a monitor not turning on. If you don't know whether your ticket should be an incident or a service request, default to submitting an incident as we can always re-classify the request in the system.
    • You can submit an Incident Ticket here

How do I submit a Service Item Request?

  • Connect to the csu-eid WiFi network or plug into an Ethernet port within your room or apartment. Go to https://techsupport.hds.colostate.edu
  • After logging in, submit a Service Item Request by clicking Service Catalog on the top of the page.

  • Search for a popular Service Item in one of three places: search panel at the top left or by selecting a Service Category. Select your category and hover over the icon of the Service Item needed and click Request Now. If you do not see a pre-populated Service Item matching your request, please go back to Home and select Request New Service.

  • Fill out the required form and then click Place Request on the top right of the screen. After a successful submission, you will be redirected to the "Tickets" page on the portal and there will be a banner at the top of the screen indicating a successful submission. You will also receive an email confirming receipt of  your request. Service Item Request numbers all begin with "SR-#" where the hash sign is the number of the work order.

  • From the Tickets tab on the homepage, you can sort your tickets in a number of ways and select each one to check on important information about the ticket including: name of the agent working on it, the current status and conversations that have happened pertaining to the ticket. You can also add your own comments and interact with the agent working on the ticket by hitting Reply.