All users of the university network must abide by the Acceptable Use Policy. This can be viewed at

  1. For the first documented incident of misuse of the network, the student’s access to the Housing network is denied and a letter is mailed to the student letting them know what the reported misuse is. They are asked to re-read the Acceptable Use Policy and they must take their system to the CSU Computer Diagnostics Center at the Morgan Library (491-7276, Option 3) where the system is scanned and cleared of any file sharing programs, viruses, spyware, etc. that are found. THERE WILL BE A $45 CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE. Only after the CSU Computer Diagnostics Center notifies Housing Technology that the system is clean will it be permitted Housing network access. This notification can take 1 business day after the system is returned, so access may not be restored until the next business day.
  2. On a second documented misuse incident, access to the Housing network is again denied and. The user must have their system cleared by the CSU Computer Diagnostics Center, as mentioned above, but the student must also contact the Student Resolution Center for further discussion of the incident and possible disciplinary action. A CHARGE OF $100 WILL BE ASSESSED ON THE SECOND VIOLATION by the CSU Computer Diagnostics Center. After Housing Technology is notified by the CSU Computer Diagnostics Center and the Student Resolution Center that the student has complied with the requirements, Housing network access will then be restored.
  3. The third time documented misuse is received, Housing network access is permanently denied and the student is again directed to the Student Resolution Center for any disciplinary action that may be required.

Grounds for immediate and permanent Housing network termination include, but are not limited to, hosting a child pornography site, identity theft, extortion or attempting to break into any financial institution or government site. These types of violations are immediately turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency, in addition to the University disciplinary office.