A shared printer is a printer that is connected directly to another computer and then shared out. 

*You will likely need administrator credentials one you select the correct printer in order to install the driver. Please contact our help desk at 970-491-4734. 

1. Use the Search Panel next to the Start Menu to search for Control Panel.

2. Select View by: Category and select View devices and printers under Hardware and Sound.

3.Select Add a printer and allow the list of devices populate. 

4.  Select The printer that I want wasn't listed and Next. 

5. Check Select a shared printer by name and enter in the format of the Example. The computer name is the name of the computer that the printer is connected to. After you Enter \\computername\, it will produce a drop down box and you can select the printer model. Click Next to initiate the install. 

6.  You may then check Set as the default printer if this is your primary printer and Print a test page. Select Finish.