In order to create a domain account or alter an existing domain account, the employee's supervisor/Manager needs to put in a work order with the following information:

  1.  Correct spelling of employees first and last name.
  2.  Name of current or old employee to model the new profile after.
  3.  New employee's CSU ID #.
  4.  New employee's ename.
  5.  New employee's job title.
  6.  Does the employee need an M drive?
  7.  New employee's Office building and room number.
  8.  New employee's phone number.
  9.  If the employee has a work cell phone, his/her work cell phone number and radio number.
  10. If this is a new domain account for a RamCard employee, then do they need access to Ram Account Manager? If so then this is something a developer would complete after the domain account has been created.

To submit a work order to create a new domain account, click here.