*Due to variations, the instructions below may not exactly match the configuration experience on your own device. If you have questions or would like assistance with your specific device, please contact our help desk at 970-491-4734.

  1. Go to "Settings", then "Passwords and Accounts". If you had previously configured a connection to CSU Exchange or Office 365, remove that account from your device under "exchange". 
  2. On the screen that appears with common email account choices, press "Add account" and then choose "Exchange". 
  3. Selecting Exchange gives a single configuration page, which asks for the following information. The format of the entries you should enter are included after each:
  4. Email: ename@colostate.edu
  5. Password: Enter your eID password
  6. Description: Leave the default entry
  7. Click return key on your phone's keypad to continue.
  8. Click "Sign in" (do not click on configure manually".
  9. Enter your password in the Microsoft login page
  10. Click "Sign in" and the device will present a new screen with on/off toggles for syncing e-mail, contacts, and calendar.
  11. Select desired options and click "Save"

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