What is Duo & why do we need it? 

Duo is the software solution that CSU has chosen to use for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to add a second layer of protection to your eID account beyond a password. It adds something you have (Smartphone, desk phone, etc) to something you know (eID password) to grant you, and only you, access. This extra layer keeps people from logging in as you, even if they know your password. 

Multifactor Authentication


What to expect 

  • Every Device that syncs Microsoft Office 365 Apps (Outlook, Teams, OneDrive) will be prompted to re-authenticate and use Duo from now on 

  • After you login with your eID Password, Duo will confirm your identity by requiring you to  

  • Approve Login with Mobile App 

  • Approve Login with Phone Call 

  • Approve Login with Passcode from Mobile App 

Configure your Account – Go to  https://eid.colostate.edu Top Menu - "Modify Your eID" > Drop down - "DUO Self Service" to update DUO settings for your eID account. 

ACNS Link for Information - http://help.mail.colostate.edu/duowitho365.aspx  

HDS Tech’s Suggestions! 

Use the “Duo Push” to Mobile App for best experience. 

Use Outlook Mobile App for best email experience on mobile devices. 

Setup desk phone in addition to a Smartphone app (incase of a lost/stolen phone)