Though there are many things that may be causing your intermittent connectivity on your laptop, connecting to both Wifi and Ethernet is one of the most common. This causes your connection to bounce back and forth between the two connections and you will lose internet access during that time because you are changing IP addresses.

How do I tell if I am connecting to the Ethernet and Wifi on my laptop?
When your laptop is connected to your docking station, you should see a monitor with an Ethernet cable on the lower left side of it replacing your WiFi signal in the lower right corner of your screen (next to the time stamp). 

  • To see if your Wifi is turned on, click on your Ethernet connection on the lower right corner of your screen. 
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see 3 boxes labeled "Wi-Fi", "Airplane mode" and "Mobile hotspot". 
    • If WiFi is turned off, it will be gray like the other boxes and say Off.
    • If the WiFi is turned on, it will be blue and say On. Click on the box to turn off the WiFi and continue using Ethernet. It can be turned on again once you are disconnected from your docking station.