Official Microsoft Training Videos regarding MS Teams Meetings

To Create a Teams meeting in a channel:

Note: When creating a meeting in channel, a notification will be sent to all members of the Team when that meeting begins. To create a meeting between specific people, refer to the section on Creating a meeting in a MS Teams chat towards the bottom of this article.

    1. Navigate to the team and channel you want to start the meeting in. You may start a meeting in any channel, the example channel below is called meetings, but yours may be named differently.


    2. In the channel, look at the bottom of your screen at the conversation bar. Below that, there is a camera icon. If you hover over it, you will see "Meet now". 


    3. Click on the camera icon to launch the meeting configuration window. Here you have two options, "Meet Now" or "Schedule a meeting". Meet now will immediately launch a meeting, while Schedule a meeting allows you to choose         a date and time for the meeting to start as well as the attendees, location, details, etc just like a meeting in Outlook. Meet now will immediately start a meeting and notify all members of the team that a meeting has started.


    4. For a scheduled meeting, you will be asked to provide all the details of the meeting including the title, attendees, date and time, location, and details.


    5. A Meet Now meeting will start immediately and will take you into the meeting. The camera is covered in the screenshot below, otherwise you would see your image if your camera is not muted or covered.


  • Once a meeting has started, whether it is a Scheduled meeting or a Meet Now meeting, a camera icon will show next to the channel name in the team indicating an ongoing meeting. Additionally, in the channel posts, the meeting will be displayed with a join button which members can use to join the meeting.


To Create a Meeting in a Teams chat:

    1. To create a meeting in a chat, navigate to the Chat window and select the person or group you want to have a meeting with.


    2. In the chat window, you can start a meeting immediately by selecting the camera icon in the upper right corner of the window. This will immediately launch a meeting and will notify the other member or members of the chat.


    3. To schedule a meeting, select the calendar icon at the bottom. This will open the same window as a scheduled meeting above and will allow you to add additional attendees, a location, set a date and time, and add meeting                     details.