1. While signed into the laptop and actively connected to the hds-staff network through Pulse Secure, press the keys Ctrl + Alt + Delete at the same time.

2. A screen will pop up with the options Lock, Switch User, Sign Out, Change a Password, and Task Manager. Choose the option Change a Password.

3. Enter your old password, new password, and new password confirmation into the labeled locations and press the Enter key. *Note: passwords must be 15+ characters in length*

4. After creation of your new password you will be returned to your desktop. Disconnect from Pulse Secure.

5, In your Start menu, click on your personal profile and choose the Sign out option.

6. After you Sign out. Sign back into the laptop using the new password.

7. Connect to the hds-staff network through Pulse Secure using your HDS username and the new password. Continue any previous work.