When troubleshooting audio/visual issues on Microsoft Teams, the first step is to troubleshoot the computer audio to isolate the issue to Microsoft Teams. The following steps will demonstrate this.

1. Right click the speaker icon in the system icon tray at the bottom right corner of the screen.

2.After right clicking the icon a menu with Open Sound Settings, Open Volume Mixer, Spatial Sound (on/off), troubleshoot sound problems. Select Open Sound Settings

3. The Master Volume on the page that appears controls the volume of you computer system. *Note: Ensure that any external speakers are powered on* 

4. The Test Your Microphone on the page that appears will show what what the microphone is picking up. If the blue bar is jumping from left to right as you talk the microphone is picking up sound. If no blue bar appears as you talk either the microphone is not working or no microphone is plugged in.

5. If both of the computer volume and microphone are working, then the following video will demonstrate set up for Microsoft Teams calls.