Zoom video tutorials from Zoom can be found support.zoom.us. 

If you don't have Zoom on your computer, please contact Technology Services at 970-491-4734 8am-5pm M-F and we can install it remotely. If you are on a personal computer here is where you can download it from Zoom Desktop Client.

1) You will need to first sign into your Zoom App, with your Zoom account.

2) Once you have successfully logged into Zoom, Click on the Schedule Button

3) This will bring up a Schedule Meeting window that you can adjust the meeting settings.

  • The Generate Automatically will allow you to have a unique meeting ID vs your Personal Meeting ID that is the same and set in the web page portal (I set mine to the HDS HelpDesk phone number)

  • Please put a PASSWORD on your meeting to avoid meetings to be interrupted by others that are not invited. It can be an alpha-numeric password or only letters or only numbers, its up to you.

  • In the Audio section, if you click the Telephone or Telephone & Computer Audio this will allow the users to call in via a phone call if they don't have internet available.

  • You can leave the default Outlook calendar option here.

4) Once you click the blue Schedule button at the bottom, it will open an Outlook appointment Window with those details. Then you can send the invite out like any other meeting invite.

You will notice the phone numbers listed on this invite as I had selected the Telephone and Computer Audio option, as well as a unique and ID and the password I set for the meeting.

Don't forget to press Send to send out your meeting invite!

Happy Zooming!