Here are some tips for best experience in HDS Meeting Rooms with Mounted Camera

Rooms currently with a Logitech System are: Palmer 2, HSC 2, Alpine Meeting Room

Rooms with a Meeting Owl in the room are: Palmer 3

Equipment Needed:

Optional Needs:

  • Second computer
    • If you want to share your screen/presentation to the meeting

Tech Steps for a better Meeting:

  1. Place Speaker/Microphone in center of table (the Meeting Owl is already there)
  2. Start the Teams meeting on the in room computer sign in as yourself
  3. Adjust the camera to see all the participates in the room (the Meeting Owl will do this automatically)
  4. Then open the meeting on your laptop and click Join
    • Then Add device to meeting (Transferring will close the meeting on the in room computer)
  5. Allow remote attendees a little extra time to respond, as their video may be delayed