Here are some tips for having a good hybrid meeting in any meeting room.

Any Space, Any Meeting, Any Where!

Equipment Needed:

  • Laptop
  • USB Camera¬†
    1. Meeting Owl
    2. J5 360 Camera
    3. Any USB camera will also work

Optional Needs:

  • Extension Power Cord for longer meetings
  • HDMI cable for displaying on in room Display/Projector
  • Second computer
    • This would be needed if the host wants to use their laptop for notes only, not virtual attendees

Tech Tips for a better Meeting:

In Person Camera Position:

  • Place Camera facing away from any windows in the room for best lighting on camera
  • Make sure the camera can see all in room attendees, so virtual attendees feel as if they were there
  • Try and get the camera at head/eye level so that the virtual attendees don't get the feeling of their head being on the table


  • Place the mic (which is inside the Meeting Owl or J5) in a central distance from all in room attendees who will be speaking
  • The mic is best at picking up one person at a time, so try not to have multiple people in the room talking
  • The remote attendees may be delayed so you may need to give extra time for their response to questions
  • If you meeting is in room with a microphone, considering having presenter use that so all can hear