In order to launch EMS, please follow these instructions.

  1. Put a request in with Tech Services.  Be sure to include your eID and the computer name that EMS needs to be installed on.
  2. When EMS has been installed on your computer, double click the EMS shortcut on your desktop.
  3. When you double click the shortcut, a black command window will pop up asking them for your eID password. Be sure to use your eID password and press Enter.
    NOTE: Your password will NOT be displayed when you type it in. When you type, it will NOT display any characters, but rest assured that the password is being put into the window.
  4. After entering the password, you will be prompted to enter an EMS Web Deploy Configuration URL.  Input the following and click OK:
  5. After clicking OK, EMS should launch using your eID credentials.  You should NOT need to re-enter your eID password again until you change it.