What are Solution articles?

HDS Technology Services provides you with Solution articles within Freshservice's knowledge base to help you better understand how to resolve some issues on your own. Some articles are also linked to Service Item Requests for ease of access in case the issue can't be resolved using the troubleshooting listed in the article. 

How can I find and use them?

  • Go to https://helpdesk.hds.colostate.edu and log in. 
  • Select Solutions at the top of the page or Browse Solutions to open up the knowledge base. 

  • Here you can find several categories and sub-categories of Solutions we have created. 

    • Select one from the list or search for something in the search panel at the top. 
  • Once a solution article is opened, you can also view Related Articles on the right of the screen if the one you chose doesn't fit your problem. 
  • Related articles can also be found when submitting an Incident Ticket or Service Item Request. Once you type in a Subject and click on Description, they will auto-populate on the right hand side of the screen.